Mindfulness Stress Reduction Courses @ Sea Studio

In this  powerful course you learn contemplative practices  from the fields of Mindfulness, Yoga and Psychosynthesis to change the stress patterns in your life.

6 Wednesdays 6.30- 7.45 pm Starts April 11
To register e-mail: Felicitasherenow@gmail.com or text 716-601-8244. This class is covered by BCBS for members who have the Wellness benefit. Cost: $85

Highly Sensitive Workshops @ Sea Studio

The discovery that I am a highly sensitive person (HSP), and that the particular way that my nervous system is wired requires a strong attention to stress management, was life changing and motivates me to reach out and work with this population. As I have delved deeper into the study of this trait and worked with many clients who are highly sensitive  I have found many new layers of how this trait manifests in challenging and wonderful ways.About 20% of the population is highly sensitive, a trait described in the work of Dr. Orin who named this trait in her ground breaking work ”The highly sensitive person,” published in 1996. In my workshops for highly sensitive people I offer a set of contemplative tools and insights to recognize, negotiate and appreciate this trait. I feel that the voice of the highly sensitive person offers a very important contribution in the healing and evolving process of re-balancing a culture that it is out of balance. Part of my work is to bring validation and space to that voice.

Next workshop : Wednesday  5/23/2018 7.00-8.30pm   $25 To register e-mail: Felicitasherenow@gmail.com or text 716-601-8244.

The Alchemy of Contemplative Living @ Sea Studio

Do you feel out of sync with the pace of your life? Would you like to be more present to what and who is important to you? Do you want to explore what specifically is important to you at this particular moment in your life? In the “Alchemy of contemplative living” you will learn a cohesive contemplative tool set:
The foundational aspects of mindfulness meditation and conscious movement.
How the tenets of the Tao Te Ching philosophy can guide and inspire you.
How to integrate your practice in your relationships and communication.
How to awaken your heart intelligence through gratitude and other practices.
How to articulate and craft an intention to live your life more purposefully.
All course participants get a password access to the members only resources for online practice instructions, media lists and mp3 recordings.This course is a useful introduction to the Contemplative Facilitator Training.

(Certified Yoga Instructors can participate in this course to earn Continuing Education Credits) Please make checks out to MaLa Contemplative Education.

Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm/8 week course (Current class is full) next starting dates TBA 

Yoga & Meditation Classes @ Healing Waters

Ongoing and Open Yoga Classes:

Mondays 9:30am Open All Level MaLa Yoga @ Healing Waters, East Aurora, NY www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com
Tuesdays 5:30pm Open Yin Mindfulness Yoga @ Healing Waters, East Aurora, NY www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com

Sign up Courses:

Yoga and Mindfulness 101
Learn the basics tenets of Mindfulness meditation and an overview of the 8 limbs of Yoga philosophy
5.00- 6.15pm
4 consecutive Mondays
April16-May 7th and
July 16- August 6th                                                                                                                                                                                     Covered by BCBS Wellness Benefit @ Healing Waters, East Aurora,   Please register through www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com   

Where do you orient from?
5.00- 6.15pm Meditation Studio
Learn about Integral theory by philosopher Ken Wilber and how knowing where you and the people in your life orient from helps making choices easier and understand your needs and those of others. 3 classes
Mondays 5.00 – 6.16pm
May 14 – June 4 ( no class on Memorial day)

” Shifts Happen !”
“How to make changes in your life”
Explore values, learn more about yourself and create the right environments to make the desired shifts in your life happen.
Saturday July 28th
10.00 – 3.00pm. – Picnic included- $80

Yin Mindfulness Stress Reduction 

Explore and learn contemplative practices to align with your true intentions and bring more balance and joy to your life.
6 consecutive Mondays
April 16 – May 21
and July 9 – August 13th Mondays 7.00 -8.30pm   Covered by BCBS Wellness Benefit  (for starting dates please check HW website) Please register through www.CenterAtHealingWaters.com   (for starting dates please check HW website)   


Sea Studio, 238 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
Healing Waters, 542 Quaker Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052
(for individual coaching sessions please see “Coaching page” on this site)




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