Contemplative Space Design

A designated space, away from virtual connection, mental and sensory stimulation, conducive for quiet pauses, movement practices, relaxation, and inspiration will:

• Support a balanced workplace

• Reduce sensory overload, burnout and stress

• Increase mental and physical well-being

• Send a strong and positive message to employees of care for their wellbeing

Services offered:

  • Meet with client to discuss specific needs and expectations
  • Identify a space  in the building or floor that is most conducive for a quiet room
  • Create a design proposal with specifications of colors, props, lighting and decorative items
  • Meet with client to fine tune design and approve project
  • Implement design
  • Train staff on how to use the quiet room
  • Create and deliver site & culture specific posters with instructions and guidelines for space use and practice

Consultation and design services are available in the Western New York area.
Please contact me at to set up a free consultation at your site.

“When I first walked into the contemplative space I was struck by the immediate sense of peace that came over me. Felicitas added an entirely new dimension to this building with the transformation of one room into a designated contemplative space.”
D. Rezak

“Walking through the door and into the MaLa space, one immediately senses the feeling of dropping down to a serene and peaceful place. It connects one’s environment to one’s sense of well being…. A place that truly fosters inner contentment.”
L. Boglioli




All things in the world are singing a song, reciting a poem, inaudibly, to their surroundings, to the things they encounter ~ Phil Elvrum