As a provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Felicitas accepts  BCBS Wellness Benefits and Cards. For BCBS coverage at Healing Waters submit BCBS information there when you sign up. For all other classes submit BCBS information to Felicitas.
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“As a veteran with PTSD and Bipolar disorder, I started to work with Felicitas in a coaching context to complement conventional treatment by adding contemplative practices. Felicitas has an uncanny intuition and  has ” prescribed ” an array of  personalized  contemplative practices such as measured breathing and calming skills. I employ these skills daily now and  the results on my quality of life have been immeasurable” 

“To intuit inner lives beneath surface lives, to inhabit many worlds at once in this world to deepen our sense of presence and therefore our natural sense of thankfulness that everything happens both with us and without us. Thanksgiving happens when our sense of presence meets all other presences” –  David Whyte